Welcome baby and back into the swing


Almost 6 weeks ago, our new daughter Nicole was born weighing in at 8 pounds, 5 ounces and stretching out to 20.5 inches in length.  Now 6 weeks later, she is looking pretty huge, doing all sorts of age appropriate baby tricks and eating like a fiend.

Don’t be fooled, although I haven’t blogged for all these weeks, I haven’t been just sitting around.  I’ve had visitors, wrangled my other three kids, participated in a cooking contest, did some farmers markets, made a lot of birthday cakes, pitched my business to some new opportunities, and joined a new farmers market that starts this week-end!

So stay tuned because I’m gearing up with new recipes for Spring as the local veggies start to come in!

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  1. Diamond says:

    Congratulations! Enjoy every moment you get.

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