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Last Saturday was neighborhood yard sale day in my ‘hood.  We can’t resist a yard sale, never mind a whole neighborhood full of them.  Not only were there a lot of big sales, but there were a bunch of stuff that people put to the curb with a simple for sale sign on it.  That’s the way that we got a Webber Gas Grill for $25!  The grill is superb.  But even more superb is the fact that the people selling the grill came out to talk to us.  Next thing you know, we’re talking locavore food, raw milk deliveries and stay-at-home momming.  The mom gave me this book to read and I’m so glad, in fact, I can’t really leave it alone.  Not only does it have great recipes, but in all the margins of the book it has bits and pieces of research pertinent to the topic of the page.  I’m hooked, I’m sold, I’m ordering my own copy off of Amazon right now!  So can you, you won’t be sorry:)

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  1. Emily says:

    I’ve had that book on my amazon wish list for forever!

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